Dessert Menu

APPLE STRUDEL: Granny smith apples, brown sugar, walnuts and cinnamon layered in flakey phyllo dough. Served with crème anglaise and homemade whipped cream.

SLIVA TART: Prune and apricots soaked in plum brandy and baked in a vanilla cream custard tart.

CHOCOLATE CHEESE CONFECTIONS: Farmers and sweetened cream cheese flavored with hazelnut liquor, rolled and hand-dipped in dark chocolate.

BERRIES ROMANOFF: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries marinated in Grand Marnier syrup topped with fresh whipped cream.

DOBOSH TORTE: Hungarian torte of five wafer thin layers of yellow sponge cake and mocha butter cream frosting. Topped with caramel sauce.

RIGO JANCSI: Chocolate layer cake iced with a milk chocolate whipped cream and apricot preserves. Topped with a dark semi-sweet chocolate shell.

PALACINKI CAKE: Crepes rolled with brandy, sour cherry and blueberry filling and vanilla custard.

BAKLAVA: Traditional Greek style - layered phyllo dough with walnuts and honey.

ENGLISH TRIFLE: Layers of rum soaked sponge cake, vanilla pudding, raspberry preserves and slivered almonds.

ALMOND and RICOTTA CAKE: Served with orange glaze and chocolate shavings.

GARASH TORTE: Flourless walnut and dark chocolate cake layered with coco butter cream icing.


Hazelnut Catering's Dessert Menu represents a sampling of the most popular items. We can personalize your event with the addition of your favorite foods.